Zachar International promotes contemporary playwrights

and represents their performing rights.

Photo ©Valerio Iacobini

Since 1997, it has promoted contemporary playwrights to theatres and production bodies, and has had exclusive management rights in Italy for the works of great playwrights including Bertolt Brecht, Thomas Bernhard, Peter Handke, Steven Berkoff and Heiner Müller.


Zachar International also represents Italian playwrights in other countries, including Stefano Massini, Fausto Paravidino, Lucia Calamaro, Lina Prosa, Spiro Scimone and Emanuele Aldrovandi, continually promoting their works directly or in close collaboration with companies in the target country.

Some of Zachar’s best known editorial partners include German editors Suhrkamp Verlag, Rowohlt Verlag, Henschel Verlag, Kiepenheuer Verlag and Per H. Lauke Verlag, L’Arche éditeur in Paris, Colombine Teaterforlag and Nordiska for Scandinavian countries, and Rosica Colin and Casarotto Ramsay in London.

Over more than 20 years
in the business, our methods for promoting and publicising information and texts have changed significantly.

We have sought out new avenues, without losing sight of the heart of our business: dedicating ourselves to contemporary theatre while focussing on the global.

Promotion is central to our work, whether this means presenting new plays directly to performing arts professionals, or regularly posting updates to the news section of our website – Zacharinfo.

Zachar International has always focussed on publicising new texts and sector-specific information to allow the world of the theatre to discover the works of contemporary playwrights who might not always get published.


Our work, the goals we have achieved and the playwrights we have met throughout our 20 years in the trade are the result of not only our passion, but also our collaborations with experts, enthusiasts, and theatre folk, who we would like to thank for the vital contributions they have made over the years.
We would particularly like to extend our deepest gratitude to our beloved Franco Quadri, founder of the publishing house Ubulibri, creator of the Ubu prize and École des maîtres, as well as a passionate thespian and translator.


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