“Il macello di Giobbe” by Fausto Paravidino: German translation

We are glad to inform you that Fausto Paravidino‘s play IL MACELLO DI GIOBBE  (Job’s Slaughterhouse) is available in the German translation by Sabine Heymann.


Prosperous until this moment, Job’s slaughterhouse risks now to shut down.
Trying to safe it, the honest butcher falls into debt with the bank. He’s got a family to nourish, a shop boy to pay and a son, who’s in the United Stated to study finance.
Back to his home town to safe the slaughterhouse, the son pursues his methods, disapproved by his father, while two disturbing clowns, paid by lugubrious bankers, wander around the shop with the aim to make their fortune, no matter how.

In the background of this biblical “slaughter”, whose victims are Job and his family, two gods are facing each other: the God of the Future, of the son and of money, and the tired old God to whom Job turns to, silent and indifferent…


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